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Ceiling mounts and Ceiling mount Brackets can save a lot of space in a family room, Bedroom or Lounge. They can be used in bedrooms and can leave enough space for other furniture and gadgets without cluttering up your room. They also give a touch of elegance and can be a something you could show-off to your friends.

They come as the Television Mounts in various sizes and strengths. What you need tto look for is the suitablility to your TV size. if it is a smaller TV Screen make sure you check the Vesa size and look for a Vesa ceiling Mount. In larger TV ceiling  mounts, the Television Ceiling Mount comes with a Universal Mount and can fit a bigger range of TV Monitor screens.

The other thing you need to look for is the Telescopic part and check the Profile of the Ceiling Mount Bracket as to the play. 

Another important feature is if can be adapted to a Bevelled ceiling, less impotant if it is large TV as it can be tricky to carry the weight.

Commercial Use for Ceiling mounts is welll known.

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